Curhatan Adin

Initial M.

I really dont know why I still write and think about this

you, even though I said it was the end and the last thing
you, even though we far apart and maybe never be as one
you, even though we never met since that time
you, who always make me feel ‘wow’ when I see your art
you, hers 😌

I don’t know why I like the way you became sarcasm
the way you walk and talk to me
the way you say “hehehe” and explaining something for me..
your back
your jacket
this is kind of my craziness 😅

thanks to Him
who make my heart beat for you
no, I don’t wanna make you mine
I just wanna see you from here
I like this way, I don’t feel hurt and I feel saved..

later, if I should love somebody else
I just wanna love someone that’s being my man, my husband..
someone, when I see him, my love for You just increase by itself
someone, who know how to react when I sad, mad, or happy..

now, I’m soo happy for being your daughter
I wanna make you proud of me
I wanna you accept the best man from Him that given for me 😌

okay, this is my confession 😌
for someone, a man, that sooo far away..
thanks God for make me feeling this, after my little broken heart 😅

thanks God, thanks you..
I promise, to say goodbye to you when I ready
I know, that you aren’t my destiny
and I promise I will never get hurt by you, I promise to myself for always be better then I was..


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